Yukmakan Achieves the Highest Open Rate of 17% with Personalized Email Marketing

Explore more deeply the challenges faced by Yukmakan which wants to maximize digital marketing tools and how the solutions we provided help Yukmakan face their challenges.

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Meet Yukmakan
Yukmakan is a culinary media in Indonesia that presents a variety of interesting information about culinary that has been established since 2008.

Yukmakan transforms from conventional channels to digital platforms

71 Campaigns

In line with its strategy, Yukmakan is aggressively personalizing emails for each campaign.

17% Average Open Rate

By maximizing email personalization, the percentage open rate increases greatly.

Channel Share

The focus of attracting traffic from email audiences to their blogs is differentiated based on the segmentation and relevance of the audience’s interest.

Their Challenge

  • Digitizing Yukmakan.
  • Maintaining an audience during the pandemic.
  • Audience database and segmentation.

“It is very important to be able to maximize interaction with the audience.”

Our Solution

  • Sharing blog articles, as a means of attracting audiences to visit their blog.
  • Using our marketing support.
  • Email Automation helps Yukmakan to maximize personalized email marketing activities.

“Converting that audience to join events running on Yukmakan.”

Let's see how happy they are

“We’ve seen a lot of impacts such as how the audience contacts us in our call center and DMs on our social media. We consider our email marketing campaigns to be successful if the audience responds to the point where they are willing to contact us.”

Aletta Sumampouw

General Manager Yukmakan

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