Improve Your Business Marketing Results.

We help your business grow bigger and get you closer to customers trough our MTARGET platform. Use our platform to build awareness, data acquisition + management, customer retention, through the correct channels; that has been proven to effectively result in revenue generation.



MTARGET to Ease You

Achieve marketing goals in your business more effectively, efficiently and for the long term.


Gather your Lead's & Customer's Data

Each of your data leads and the current customers have a Life Time Value (LTV). With the right tools and processes available on our platform, you can optimize it and achieve your marketing objectives.


Build Massive Communication, Personally

Build good relationships by sharing information such as news, tips and special offers to your leads & customers on a regular basis with one click. Personalize messages by sending information according to segments, data you have and your audience's preferences.


With Reliable Features

With Reliable Features
Manage Your Marketing Assets
management features

Manage Your Marketing Assets

Manage your marketing assets such as a contact database and content for your marketing needs with MTARGET Contact Management & File Manager.
  • Contact Management
  • File Manager
  • Template Manager
Marketing becomes more efficient
marketing features

Marketing becomes more efficient

You can collect databases with the MTARGET Interactive form and Landing Page Builder features, and to communicate with customers through Email Marketing (Automation).
  • Interactive Form
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Email Marketing
  • Email A/B Testing
  • Email Automation
  • Social Media Management
Analyze Your Campaign Performance
analytic features

Analyze Your Campaign Performance

With MTARGET's In-depth Analytics Feature you can measure the success of your campaigns and with the Customer Journey feature you can map the activities / interactions that your customers do.
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Customer Journey
More Than Just Marketing Tools
extra features

More Than Just Marketing Tools

We also have extra features like Transactional Email that you can use for integration into your application system and also our Event Management feature to manage your events.
  • Transactional Email
  • Event Management

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