Must-Know Tips How to Build A Great Email Database

List Management is essential in email marketing to maintain a contact database. Its purpose is to keep the list of recipients tidy so that the delivery is more effective in improving statistics or reducing spam scores. Get inspired by our 4 tips which can help you manage your contacts.

  1. Easy login
    Subscribing to your newsletter should make it as easy as possible for those interested. In practice, this means putting the login box in the most visible places of all the subpages of your site with good traffic. At the same time, it should always be immediately recognizable - give it a large and clear caption and clearly distinguish it from the surroundings. Be sure to also place the box at the top of every page on your site - the visitor must be able to subscribe whenever they remember.

  2. Email per value
    Encourage site visitors to leave you an email contact by offering them something with value. Give them an e-book or other bonus material, a discount on their first purchase or participation in the contest to download - just about anything that could please your customer. At least that way, you will find out in advance what kind of material he is interested in and will be able to send him e-mails that are beneficial to him.

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  1. Welcome Email
    Please send a welcome email within a few hours to all contacts who really want to receive your email. In addition to thanking you for subscribing, briefly introduce yourself and let the recipient know what and how often you want to send them.

    The purpose of the Welcome Email is to establish a relationship with the recipient and prepare it for your next mailing - so communicate effortlessly and as much as possible in the spirit of the following campaigns. Also, keep in mind that after a double opt-in email, this is probably the (at least) second message in a short sequence. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to its message.

  2. Subscription Management
    Not all your recipients read all your emails, but this does not necessarily mean that they are not interested in your business at all. Perhaps not all of the topics you deal with in e-mailing are attractive to them. Other times, the frequency of your mailing may not suit all recipients.

    In order not to lose such contacts, but to meet them as much as possible, it is advisable to involve subscription management. This allows recipients to tell you what they want and how often to receive from you early on, and further refine this information during campaigns.

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