Why You Should Use YouTube in Your Business Marketing Activities?

Watching videos online is increasing on popularity. The best-known video sharing platform is YouTube for a long time, offering a great opportunity to promote your brand. If you're still hesitant about YouTube in your company's marketing activities, here are a few reasons to incorporate YouTube into your company's marketing strategy.

High quality video content
Content marketing does not mean just adding content to your website. We can consider corporate blogs as a form of content, but we should not forget social media content, newsletters, native advertising and other forms of corporate communication. And one of them is the video.

Generally speaking, creating a long-term marketing strategy without video is almost unthinkable. In recent years, consumption of content on the Internet has changed dramatically, and by 2020, 75% of all mobile data consumption should be video.

Why YouTube?
YouTube as a platform allows any business or business to easily promote their products. These can be practically presented. This gives YouTube the ability to provide inspiration, guidance, or even practical advice on how to use products or services.

It is always what an entrepreneur or company offers. Whether the goal is to promote your brand, a specific product, or just entertain your fans. Unlike the printed form, video is much more based on emotions and can be used very well to evoke a desire for a product or service from a potential customer.

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Define the benefits your subscribers can have
If the company sells tools for hobby, it is advisable to shoot so-called How-to videos, video tutorials, how to connect everything correctly, what tools can be used and what consumers can repair with it. The video can also serve as an advertisement and at the same time have a social impact.

Work with the target audience
The crucial step is to define your target audience and create videos based on it. If you intend to target the younger generation, it will also depend on how often you add videos as they are used to consuming video content more frequently and regularly.

If you target the 40-50 age range, it can be assumed that these people will be busy on weekdays due to work and family responsibilities. In this case, it is better to focus on quality and less frequency, as these users have less time to consume your videos.

Use YouTube Analytics
Use YouTube Analytics to find out a lot of information and numbers about the viewership and popularity of your videos. You can find out useful information such as what passage of video can be critical and where viewership decreases significantly. In addition, of course, you can find demographic or geographic information about your viewers or from what channel (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) they came to the video. But YouTube Analytics also offers many other practical indicators.

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