5 podcasts about marketing that you need to listen to

Did you know that average internet user spends on average two hours a day browsing social media? Use your time effectively and understand how to use various digital marketing principles to your advantage.

Thinking about starting your own online business? The easiest way how to learn the best practices is to listen to free podcasts on the internet. What are podcasts and what are they good for?

Podcasts are a personal talk shows, which can be started by anyone and are provided for free. Podcast can be either video or audio, speaking of audio format, it’s like listening to the radio show. Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live and communicate. We know this huge shift can pose challenges for your current role. We know that advancing and progressing your future career is important.

Why should you listen to podcasts?

  1. Use your time wisely
    Big advantage is you can listen to them anytime you want. So when you are stuck in traffic, when travelling with bus or train, or even during exercise.

  2. It’s personal
    Audio podcasts seems to be bit more personal way of exchanging information. Apart from reading books or blogs, you are able to listen to the voice of an author and you might feel more related to him. Exactly this feeling is making podcasts so popular. You feel like you are part of the conversation.

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5 podcasts you need to listen to

If you have lack of motivation, get some inspiration from Tim Ferriss Show. Topics of the channel are interviews with successful people from different areas – artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, businessmen, music producents, scientists, doctors and many more.
The aim is to find out about their habits and motivation behind their success, the interviews are in-depth so you will find out many interesting information. Find out by yourself!

Social Skills
If you want to improve your skills in networking, business, relationships, psychology, personal growth or negotiation, podcast Art of Charm might be right for you. Topic of the channel is to train and upgrade your social, relationship-building skills and also your lifestyle.

Marketing in general
A podcast from digital marketing guru, Neil Patel and Eric Siu will give you quick tips to take your business to the next level in podcast Marketing School. Podcasts are really short so If you have only a little time you can still take actionable lessons every day.

Digital Marketing
Catch up latest digital news with Marketing Scoop podcast. Seasons covers SEO, PPC, news, trends, in-depth discussions on SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing and Success Stories. Learn from the leading minds in Digital marketing.

Growth Marketing Toolbox is a podcast that give you a glimpse into marketing tools and technology. Each week podcast explores landing page designs, A/B testing, conversion optimization with people who use these tools. Level up your strategies and tactics with this podcast.

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