How MTARGET help SIJI Bikes run a success virtual event

Tools that help manage virtual events very effectively and well-organize

In december 2020 , Siji Bikes had virtual fun bike #kebikeansepeda national scale themes. This event was held because Siji Bikes wanted to invite cyclists to be able to share their kindness while running their hobbies in the context of National Mother's Day. We also dedicate this event in helping Conan and Crystal, who are currently battling thalassemia.

With limited meetings, organizing an event is quite difficult, because communication and the event management process will undoubtedly be disrupted. Seeing this problem, MTRAGET is here to provide solutions for Siji Bikes in managing events through event management tools, which help to run events starting from pre-event, on-event, and post-event with only one tool.

"MTARGET Event Management Tools are very easy to use and the most important thing is that these tools provide easy access and simplicity of the process for #KebikeanSepeda event participants." Onnie Owner Siji Bikes. This Event Management tool helps clients in almost all aspects in terms of event operations: from registration, payment processing, email notifications for every action taken by event participants, etc.

Everything runs automatically and is done using only one event management tool, which of course makes it easier for the team because the process is faster, more effective, and automated.

What they say about MTARGET

"At first we were hesitant to hold this event in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic because you can imagine how difficult it is to manage this event when we are all at a distance, both from the participants and the sponsors of this event. With MTARGET's Event Management tools, we can do it effectively ”- Onnie, Owner Siji Bikes. MTARGET believes that organizing an event during a pandemic is not difficult, because everything can be done if we know what event support tools can be used to communicate remotely.Video: