MTARGET help Charles & Keith Increasing their Sales Conversion by 5-10%

Increasing open rate more than 10% & sales conversion improvement to 5-10%

Charles & Keith is one of the customers that has joined MTARGET for more than 2 years and still to use MTARGET till this moment, as Charles & Keith has proved that MTARGET has helped them to get higher engagement rate from customers through email marketing campaigns and improved their sales conversion potential around 5-10%.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, Charles & Keith has given their main focus to their digital campaign marketing, like email marketing. Before the pandemic, the average open rate for Charles & Keith was 5-10%. However, Charles & Keith has achieved an improvement of their open rate to 5-14% through focusing on this channel for their promotion activity and they also achieved an improvement for their sales conversion around 5-10%.

Despite that, there’s also Form & Landing Page Builder feature that can help clients to get new leads with spreading lead magnet through landing page and form. Examples would be getting an e-book, unique voucher code, etc.

What they say about MTARGET

“MTARGET’s tools are easy to use, their customer service is responsive, friendly and informative. MTARGET helps our email marketing campaign to improve to more than 10%, and from the open rate, sales conversion occurred to around 5-10%” Ita Dwi Yulianti, Head of Marketing Charles and Keith.