Episode 12 - 11 Oct 2022

The God of War in the IT World

febry suhartono from Communication Solutions

Febry Suhartono has 17 years of experience in the IT world and is also a role model for many. To be more specific, tech people idolize him. Watch and listen to the story of Febry Suhartono, "The God of War."

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This speaker is very special because he is a colleague of Immanuel Abraham, the Marketing Lead at MTARGET. He is Febry Suhartono, a person who started his professional career even before completing his studies.

The first professional job he took was working with a digital electricity meter company. The first task is how to outmaneuver the electricity meter. According to Febry, this seems illegal, but if it is not accepted as something it is a shame to pass up.

After passing his first professional project or job, Febry then continued his career on a television channel. Spacetoon became the first place for Febry to step up as an 'IT person.' From here, Febry began to wander around the world to go abroad for his professional life.

However, Febry thought of having another life. The purpose of this other life is a life outside the scope of work. Febry returned to Indonesia and joined the JobsDB Group, 88DB to be exact. 88DB is a blessing for Febry. In addition to the world of work, Febry found his soulmate there.

At this moment in his life, Febry's actions were considered quite 'insane' in a positive way. Curious about how it goes? Watch this episode of #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes.

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