Episode 11 - 26 Sep 2022

How to Manage Opportunities in a Smarter Way

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Hear the story of Sebastian Evan, the COO of, about how to manage an opportunity in the midst of a crisis, and how to make a business grow with new concepts, strategies, team motivation, and creating micro leaders.

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When the COVID-19 crisis hit, various businesses from all industries experienced a very significant decline in revenue. The business run by Sebastian Evan, the COO of, is no exception.

When businesses were booming pre-COVID, the pandemic turned things around 180 degrees from what was then expected in an instant. However, during this situation, it turned out that many new opportunities had emerged which finally brought Evan to a turning point to get up.

After discussing how to smartly manage an opportunity, we discuss further who Sebastian Evan is and what is it that describes him.

Watch the full story of how Sebastian Evan saw and managed opportunities between crises, and how he built his team to grow to its full potential in this episode of #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes.

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