Episode 26 - 20 Feb 2023

Impact: Be Passionate in Living Your Life

pierre hans from Bank Jago

“Find your talent and your personal interest in life. After that, you’ll be very passionate about living your life.” Says Pierre Hans, Product Owner from Bank Jago. Watch more of Pierre on this #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes Episode

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A “Product Guy” who has been involved in the world of technology and engineering for approximately 10 years since his graduation from Binus University with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Pierre Hans started his career when he entered the tech and engineering world as a programmer at a factory or manufacturing company in Jakarta. Currently, Pierre is more focused on product development.

Pierre said that “Product Guy” are more directed at bridging communication. Communication from stakeholders when they want to make a new product, Pierre will communicate the ideas to the technology team or executor who will compile the product. More precisely, digital products.

People products are needed to bridge this in order to align what stakeholders want with what the technology team is doing. So, when the product is released, the results are in accordance with what has been planned. The focus is on bridging, communicating, and monitoring from product inception to release.

Not just that, so many insights from Pierre that he shares in this episode about living life passionately.

Passionate is indeed a term that most people want to aim. By living life with enthusiasm, you will not think about any obstacles that are in front of you. Then, how to be enthusiastic in life and when doing what we are doing now?

Pierre says passion can start with personal talents and interests. When talent and personal interests meet, you will get passionate in everything you are doing now, such as living life.

Want to find out? Watch in full on #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes episode or listen on Spotify and Noice.

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