Episode 1 - 23 Jun 2022

Keep Learning, Keep Fighting, and Always Be Grateful

dendy agustiyan from Finansialku

Keep learning, keep fighting, and always be grateful. Those are the 3 core values that Dendy Agustiyan has held for a long time. Curious about how he implements those principles in his personal and career journeys?

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Learning, fighting, and being grateful are values ​​that are firmly held by Dendy Agustiyan. By holding fast to these three pillars, Dendy continues to learn in every challenge. He also doesn't forget to be grateful when he receives the results.

Dendy has built his dream since his early college days. Through the communications department, Dendy hopes to achieve his dream of becoming an announcer and appearing on TV. However, having not yet experienced that world, Dendy turns into the realm of writing. Because, according to Dendy, writing is more comfortable than having to speak and appear in front of a screen.

In the end, now Dendy is an email marketing specialist. What's that? Check out the explanation of the email marketing specialist according to Dendy, and what responsibilities he must do.

From here, we can imagine how Dendy Agustiyan, who never gives up on exploring the ins and outs of email marketing, can create an impactful email marketing campaign that can increase the company's revenue and maintain the loyalty of the customers he handles.

We together with Dendy Agustiyan discuss from A to Z his journey, career, and ups and downs to becoming an email marketing specialist thoroughly. We also talk about the challenges that must be faced in the world of email marketing. Watch the full story here.

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