Episode 6 - 27 Aug 2022

Spiritualism, Recklessness, and Honesty

rachmat anggara from

Behind the strong figure of Rachmat Anggara, he was forged by many events that made him still able to stand up to this day. Curious about Angga's life journey as the Co-Founder of

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Once an employee, Rachmat Anggara is currently a co-founder of Starting his career as a banker was one of the milestones that Angga went through. While working, Angga began to cultivate a small business that he was engaged to enter the real business world.

Above, it has been mentioned a little about Angga who is a Co-Founder of is an ecosystem built by integrating several systems for anyone who wants to develop their business.

Especially MSMEs, Qasir exists to provide the same economic opportunities to MSMEs through technology. Qasir will also provide training for those who want to develop their business. All of this is for the sake of developing together as business actors.

This is the great story of Angga who is currently the co-founder. Behind that, there were so many ups and downs, wounds, and memories that made Angga finally get to this point. Such as rejection from family, giving up something he is planning and many more.

Spiritualism, Desperate, and Honest: Angga describes himself in 3 words that have brought him to this day. How does Angga harmonize these three core values ​​and implement them in his life?

What is the story of Rachmat Anggara like? Watch the full story here.

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